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Frisco Swagger. Arkansas Roots. Yoruba Remembrances. 

Remember your ancestors. Empathize with your elders. Smile with your descendants.

Artelia Green braids together Frisco swagger, Arkansas roots and Yoruba remembrances to curate critical thought and action. Green merges reverberating funk & gospel-vamping with brass and djembe as a way to invite listeners to embrace the truth of Black suffering and transcendence—to craft more accountable and responsive relationships with our necessary grief en route to a different time, space, and place. 

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An ode to freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, "Harriet's Brim" moves beyond the conventional narratives of slavery. It explores the intricate fashion choices she made during her pursuits of freedom. Culture shines through, as Yoruba remembrances echo in the chorus.
Harriet's Brim Single Art.png
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